Friday, October 22, 2010

I guess GW doesn't want my money...

When I drive to and from work I pass by two game stores and there's another within a mile from my office.  The latter is a new GW that moved from a busy high rent shopping mall to a large strip-mall, shopping center as seems to be their new business strategery.  Part of there new retail business plan also seems to be to keep their new locations severely under staffed.  I'm not talking about poor customer service, I'm talking about the damn store not being open when its supposed to.  The place opened in June of this year and I was excited to have it so close work - I could swing by on my lunch breaks and pick up a paint or magazine, yeah!  I've tried about four times now and the place hasn't been open.  Doors locked, lights off, nobody home.

Screw them, I'll go to the local independent retailer, Brookhurst Hobbies, and give them my money instead.  Nice store and staff, I've never had a problem there, check them out if your travels take you near Garden Grove, CA - it's right by Disneyland!  Now I ain't no business wiz like Dethtron, but my daddy runs a successful small business so I know some basic concepts, one of which is you don't fucking make money if people can't purchase products or services from you.

Mr. French says, "This is America.
You don't make money, then you're a fucking douchebag."


  1. DUde , I live in the UK , I have had the EXACT same thing today , its been going on for a while and I'm sick of it.

    I get all my gw stuff from elsewhere now, on the plus side I'm saving money too.

    Getting soo pissed off with it I'm really close to writing an angry letter. If I thought GW actually gave a flying shit what any of the people who help pay their bills thinks/needs

  2. I've had the same issue with one of the near Chicago stores as well. If your labor model doesn't allow for lunch/break relief and you can't abide by your posted hours, you might have a problem

  3. Yeah, GW has a bit of problem with abiding by local labor laws as well. I was fired from my job as a red-shirt back in college and it took them a month to get me my last paycheck. The law at time in California was that when you fire someone, they're owned all their pay on the spot (or within 24 hours, whatever, I don't do employment law). I filed a complaint with the state labor department and got GW fined - which was paid to me.

    Sorrowshard - I was gonna write an spite filled e-mail to GW, but I figured a spite-filled blog post would be more cathartic

  4. The small GW stores are a one man operation now, and (per labor laws) are closed Mon and Tues, and open at 1PM on other days.

    The Bunker in Westminster is open every day from noon and a great place to play a game, and a decent store with good employees, also the Manager seems like a solid guy, I have seen him go out of his way to help folks out, more than a few times.

    If you like the local indie store you might as well keep going there though.

    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  5. John - I used to work at the Westminster Bunker, I helped open it actually! It is a great store and has gotten much better since it opened. The manager, James, is a good guy too. I frequent there most often since it's the closet to my home. I still try and support the independent store, but it's a bit more out of my way.

  6. It is kind of annoying when the closest GW store is 25 miles away, and you arrive on a Saturday at 2PM when they are supposes to be open, but the guy is out sick. WOW what a fabulous waste of time and gas!

  7. here in the UK, gw have well and truly lost their way. Just recently, they closed all the "bunkers". now we can only play games on a a couple of small tables in the front of the shop rather than any one of a half dozen in the back room. lots of moans, but the result is we are now seeking out alternative venues, and of course are no longer restricted to gw figures. their loss, our gain.

  8. It seems like GW cannot figure out a retail model that will work for them