Wednesday, June 22, 2011

FoW Tropic Lightning: Personal Reactions

I was considering writing a post about the upcoming Storm of Magic WFB supplement after pictures from July's White Dwarf have were leaked last week and no one really seems to have given much thought to it.  Instead, I feel more compelled to talk about Battlefront's (somewhat) new Vietnam supplement "Tropic Lightning" - a preview of which you can see at Bell of Lost Souls.  It's not really that new, it came with April's Wargames Illustrated, so BoLS and myself are bit behind the curve here, but moving on...

My father-in-law was drafted during the Vietnam War and was in the Army's 25th Infantry Division, aka the Tropic Lightning.  I've known him for nearly ten years and he rarely speaks about his military service.  Most of the stories he has told about his time in the Army are not about his combat experiences.  Mostly they're about how he learned to fly in Hawaii during his leave time and the bizarre food he ate in Vietnam.  I can only recall one instance of when he talked about actual fighting, which was very brief and conveyed more to me about what it was like to be there than any war film injected with narrative from a member of the Sheen family can.  I know from other family members how much the war affected him for years after he came back.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Salamanders and Stuff

... the kind that spit fire, for Lizardmen, not the green-armored space-dudes.  I had to explain this to several GW staffers when I was trying to find these models.  No, I'm not looking for Forge World Rhino doors, dammit.  Anyways...

These were a fairly straightforward paint job.  The tough part was that there is not much space between the Salamanders' underside and the base, making it difficult to get a brush in there to paint the undercarriage.  I'll base them up later when I paint the Skink handlers.