Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Salamanders and Stuff

... the kind that spit fire, for Lizardmen, not the green-armored space-dudes.  I had to explain this to several GW staffers when I was trying to find these models.  No, I'm not looking for Forge World Rhino doors, dammit.  Anyways...

These were a fairly straightforward paint job.  The tough part was that there is not much space between the Salamanders' underside and the base, making it difficult to get a brush in there to paint the undercarriage.  I'll base them up later when I paint the Skink handlers.

I generally don't talk about non-warhammery things here, but I haven't been up to a whole lot of warhammery things lately (last game I played was in March), so from the completely unrelated department, here's a snap shot I took when I saw Rammstein at the L.A. Forum last month, which was total fucking awesome sauce:

You could feel the heat from the nose bleed seats

Bonus for all you cool kids with smart phones - blogger now has a cool feature allowing you to publish a mobile version of your blog.  So the next time you're sitting on the crapper or standing in a horribly long line at 7-11 to purchase a 6 pack of Miller High Life, whip out your smart phone and enjoy the all new mobile version of one inch warriors.

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