Sunday, January 22, 2012

Where the *bleep* did one inch warriors go?

What MacArthur said about old soldiers is also true about blogs -  they don't die, they just slowly fade away.  For a while I was content to let one inch warriors fade away into the depths of the blog rolls, never to see site traffic again... although apparently I've still been getting tons of hits from bizarre Google searches, but that's probably a result of the images I've poached to spice up my posts.  Alas, having spent months away from blogging, painting and gaming altogether has renewed my spirits and instilled a new, yet slightly tempered yearning for hobby action.  I also have a bunch of half-finished posts that if left uncompleted would make me feel criminal for the deprivation inflicted upon my (hopefully) loyal readers.

Right before my on-again-off-again hobby odyssey was put on a self-inflicted temporary hiatus, I had agreed to help best-warhammer-buddy Justin work on his then new and shinny Dreadfleet box.  Unfortunately that didn't get too far due to a multiple fatality car accident that kept him stuck in traffic on the freeway for most of the day that we were planning on using to assemble and paint the games pieces.  With the little time we had, we got things built (those boats were challenge) and primed... and then decided to go drink beer with our old college buddies!  I did manage to get one ship painted a few days later:

Need a seafaring vessel - why not Zoidberg?

At the time I was really cracking on my Temple Guard but the whole Dreadfleet derailment brought everything to halt.  I've picked up the brush again and I finished four of my twenty Temple Guard.  It's also helps that the wife and I up got a new Canon Powershot SX40 HS, so now with the help of my home made light box I can take better pictures of my finished mini's:

So now I'm back at it.  I have no desire to crank out anything resembling a regular posting schedule - a vodka and Red Bull fulled uber-blogger I am not - but I'll be here with the occasional nugget of hobby goodness for anyone curious enough to hang around.


  1. Douglas MacArthur...

  2. Yo! Glad to have you back! I was wondering where you went... and I know EXACTLY what you mean about hanging out and then letting the beer drinking take over what you were intending to do! I got you linked to my blog so I'll see the updates when they happen. Welcome back!