Saturday, March 17, 2012

More Temple Gaurd Finished and New Brushes

Over the past week I put the final details on eight more Temple Guard, including the command group.  Eight more of these guys to go, and the whole unit will be done.

I might need a break before moving on to the final eight models.  Temple Guard are time consuming due to their level of detail.  From start to finish, this is what needs to be painted: green skin, black scales, stone details on the halberds, gold, bone/skulls, wooden weapon shafts, cloth straps/wrappings, gems, eyes, shields and the occasional shrunken head.  The skin and scales aren't too hard since they were dry brushed, but all those damn intricate details made me go cross-eyed a couple of times.  They still need to be based, but that can wait until the whole unit is ready to go.

This latest batch of models gave me hell when it came time to paint the eyes.  When I started painting, I had a real knack for painting eyes, but over time I've had less success.  After reading a few blog posts on paint brushes, from Big Lee's Miniature Adventures and From the Warp, I decided it was time to upgrade my  arsenal.  I've been using GW's brushes off and on since I started wargaming, and in my layman's opinion (I have no formal training in the arts) I felt they were better than what's at big-box arts and crafts stores.  However, serious miniature painters will tell you that GW's brushes are crap.  After doing some online research, I found that a nearby art supply store, Art Supply Warehouse in Westminster, California, (right across the street from GW's LA Battle Bunker) stocks Winsor & Newton Series 7 Kolinsky sable hair brushes.  They were also having a kick-ass sale this weekend.

Kinda feels like getting a Hanzo sword

I snagged a size 1 and 00 for under $40.  Since I need a break from painting Temple Guard, I'll try these out with the plastic Saurus hero that's been sitting on my desk since September.


  1. If you don't already have some, be sure to pick up some Masters Brush Soap. Come in a small round cake kinda like shoe polish. This will do worlds to keep those brushes you spent hard earned money on, in good shape.

  2. I completely forgot about that! Thanks for the reminder.