Sunday, July 8, 2012

Product Review - Secret Weapon Leaf Litter

A little while ago From the Warp had a great post about putting together woodland themed bases.  The concept is equally applicable to jungle bases and Ron's post got me thinking about how I could punch up my Lizardmen.  I've been using static grass and clump foliage, but that doesn't quite give the impression that my army is marching through a dense Lustrian jungle.  After doing some research on Google images, I determined that the best way to represent  jungle terrain on a standard sized infantry base was to model on some fallen leaves.  I turned to Secret Weapon Miniature's dark green leaf litter, a blend of various dried herbs and whatnots that smells rather lovely.  I've previously used dried, crushed bay leafs for autumn leafs on a Halloween diorama, so I had little hesitation about using this product.

I used my Saurus Calvary and albino Saurus Lord to test out the product, and I'm very satisfied with the results.  I didn't go overboard with applying the leaf litter, as I wanted a more subtle effect:

Since this worked out so well, I'll eventually go through and apply the leaf litter to the rest of the army, and there should be plenty in the bag to get the job done. If you really wanted to do-it-yourself, you could concoct your own blend herbs and tea leaves, but for the price and convenience, Secret Weapon's is the better option.  If you're interested in trying this stuff out, check out Secret Weapon's how-to video for the product.

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