Thursday, August 19, 2010

First Game of 8th Edition

I ran my lizards in my first 8th edition WFB game last night at the FLGS. I didn't take notes or pictures, so this will be the hi-light reel version of the game. We had to cut the game sort and only go three turns - it was the first game of 8th for both players, so there was a lot of "um, wait, we should look that up..." Anyways, here's what I took:

Slann: Focused Rumination, Becalming Coagitation, Cupped Hands, BSB, Lore of Life

Scar Vet: cold one, Burning Blade, Charmed Shield, Glittering Scales

20 Saurus w/ spears, full command

20 Saurus w/ hand weapons, full command

16 Skinks w/ 2 Krox

11 Skink Skirmishers

5 cold one cav, full command

6 chameleons



My opponent had 250 night goblins (in 5 units), some shaman and bolt throwers. Rolling random terrain generated a foul assortment of dangerous features: bane stone (which contributed to much bloodshed), haunted mansion (wounded the Slann), scree slope (killed a saurus) and some other random buildings.

I rolled a good assortment of spells for the Slann (dwellers, throne of vines, regrowth and the angry tree direct damage spell - I forget the name). These spells work great with the lizards, despite my abysmal rolling for winds of magic. Unfortunately, the Slann got stomped by Gork - I completely blew the dispell roll and his ward save. Thus, unfortunately, I never got dwellers off, I was really looking forward to murdering half a goblin horde with a single cast. I would consider giving the Slann the Loremaster ability in the future, but I might have a hard time deciding what to kick out of the list for that 50 points.

The Salamander did a fair amount of damage, breaking one goblin unit, causing them to flee through another unit, who in turn failed their leadership test and broke. The only poor rolling for my opponent, but I was fairly amused.

The rest of my army got beat on really badly by goblin fanatics, and with the Slann squished, I wasn't going to be regrowing any reinforcements (awesome spell, I call it feel-good-necromancy). My poorly deployed chameleons got wasted by fanatics in a single turn, whom I was counting on to disrupt the bolts throwers, who in turned slayed my steg (next time, 2 stegs!). My Saurus cav fared decently, ripping a good chunk out of a goblin unit (had I known I'd be playing goblins, I would have given the scar vet the +2 attacks sword, I'm forgetting its name right now...). In the end, my army was in very bad shape and the goblins were the clear winners, but it was fun game so all's well.

Credit to my opponent who played well and got some awesome dice rolls. I'd say a goblin horde army in 8th can be very effective. His blocks of 50 bowmen were pretty deadly (one round killing 9 saurus, ouch). Next game I'll try and work in an Engine of the Gods to run along side the standard steg, I could have used the ward save.

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