Friday, September 17, 2010

Eurika! Look at what I found

I've been in a painting slump over the past week or so.  This is not a good thing since I've been trying to gear up for a painting contest that my local GW store is hosting at the end of the month so as to test my mettle and get an honest idea of where I stand as a painter (not that y'alls comments have gone unnoticed). Maybe it's the change in seasons* or how my daily commute is now an hour longer thanks to schools starting up, but regardless, I've just been dog tired. So instead of providing fresh organically grown, real hobby content, I though I'd direct your attention to some other fine things the interweb has to offer that I've been enjoying:

Here's a blog post from Thor on Creative Twilight that I like so much I have to share it.  Aptly titled "Evolution of a Gamer," it's a synopsis of his journey from being perhaps what you would call a "casual" 40k player to getting involved in tournaments and enjoying competitive play, but not abandoning playing friendly games.  It kinda mirrors my point from my last post about how we enjoy a multifaceted hobby with a cornucopia of options to partake from.

In other news, it seems that Lizardmen related blogs are quite the rage these days.  So here's the ones that I'm aware of:
Impact Hits
For the Throne
Kevin's Miniatures
Panic Check
Son of Slann

Also, here's a fairly new blog with good WFB analysis: Bringer of Victory.  If I missed something good that I'm a horrible person for not being aware of, feel free to send me a nice passive-aggressive e-mail and/or comment.

*I hate fall, the days get shorter and in Southern California it's the time of year when a good part of the state usually catches on fire.

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  1. I appreciate the plug. Now to go read your article you referenced.