Sunday, September 26, 2010

Golden Skulls Painting Competition at the L.A. Battle Bunker

On Saturday GW's LA Metro Battle Bunker held their own version of the Golden Deamon, the 1st Annual Golden Skulls painting competition.  Similar to the Golden Deamon, there were categories for both 40k and fantasy for single figure, units and large models as well as dioramas, kids and an overall award.  I entered my Slann (after spending the past week adding some extra highlights, glazing, etc), Saurus on Cold One and a 40k Ork Warboss.  The turnout was better than they expected and there were some amazing models present.  I hadn't planned on "covering" the event gonzo-journalist style, but wish I had.  The overall winner was a unit of 5 orc war boar riders, which could have won a Golden Deamon.  I only had my phone so I couldn't get some legitimate pictures of everything.

My Slann took 1st in the fantasy large model and my Saurus took 3rd in the single figure.  Admittedly, these categories did not have the volume of entries that some of the 40k categories did, but there was some good competition none the less.  For the Slann, I did get this very Warhammery award:

Hopefully the staff will live up to their word and hold the competition next year.  Next month they're holding a Halloween themed painting contest, so I'll try and come up with something for it.


  1. Congrats... Put up pictures of the Slann already!

  2. Thanks!

    I posted some pictures of the Slann back in August, click the link above to check him out. I can throw up a few more pics of him since I did a little more work on him since then, if you're interested