Sunday, December 19, 2010

Knight of Bal Timorea Finished!

Well, things haven't been all that productive around here at One Inch Warriors with the holidays, work and a road trip to the Grand Canyon.  However, I managed to sit down and finish off my knight:

If you're interested, you can read about how I decided on the Knight's heraldry for the shield emblems on the barding here.  As for the shield representing the Iowa state flag, I opted to go without any form of red & blue stripes as the eagle took up enough space on its own.  As for the forth shield, if you have the 5th edition Bretonnian army book you might recall that the scales represent that the knight has won a trial by combat.  I picked it to reflect my profession.  For my first serious attempts at free hand work, I'm pleased with how this turned out.  Now, time to send him up the coast to Santa Cruz.


  1. Truly amazing work, looks great!

  2. Very cool! I really like all the heraldic designs you chose, they look fantastic. Great work on him, it's going to be nice to see him with the rest of the knights. Happy new year!

  3. The red is absolute genius. Red is a wonderful colour but so tricky to pull off. Great stuff!