Sunday, July 25, 2010

1st post of substance

That little Bretonnian Knight was one of my first Warhammer purchases way back in 1998 when army selection via percentages was in vogue (army selection, like fashion, apparently goes in cycles) and Nigel Stillman was a god (more on my hero later). I painted the little guy with some Testor's and Ral Partha paints. He's not even based, but at least I managed to get a decal on the shield.

The Saurus hero is the latest figure that I've finished (by latest, I mean last August, damn I paint slow). He has all kinds of washes and shading and I even successfully incorporated spot colors. He's good, not great, but I'm proud of the guy. I'm finishing up a unit of 5 cold-one riders to go along with him (although I've yet to see an 8th Edition Lizard list online that incorporates these guys), when they're done I'll go into the in's and out's of painting them.


  1. The Saurus warrior looks good. Do you have any more old school Bretonnians?

  2. I have a whole 5th edition army stashed away in the garage. It's probably about 1000 points under the current army book.

  3. Looking back on your first forrays into painting is painful. Sadly yours look leaps and bounds better than my early attempts....

    Dig the red on the saurus shield btw. what's the recipe?

  4. Nigel Stillman is your hero? Oh dear. I take it you've not heard some of the *strange* things he got up to?

    I'll re-check my sources so that I can verify stuff - you don't want me posting anything defamatory now do you?

    Ins and Outs of painting? 3 Colours plus Devlan Mud. Done.

    Good luck with the blog btw.

  5. @ Dethtron: foundation red, mud wash, paint each scale blood red (leaving dark recesses showing), high light orange then yellow (all GW paints). With the orange and yellow, I tried to highlight it to look like the light is catching the tops of the scales, but I wasn't terribly precise.

    @ Stormy: I was very fond of the original How to Make Wargames Terrain and the 5th ed. Brettonian army book. I haven't heard anything about the guy since he left GW. Stillman hasn't been convicted of any sort of heinous sex-crime or been leading a Jonestown-like death-cult, has he? Let me know, I'm curious now.

    Also, the only stuff I used Mud wash on was the gold, Skaven fur and shield - I used black on everything else.

  6. haha I still have the wargames terrain book. I even busted it out a few years ago to make cheap palm trees with wire and medical tape. they turned out great

  7. 40k just isn't 40k for me unless there's some palm trees on the table made from some combination of wire, tape, aluminum foil, etc.

  8. Wait, I want to know about Stillman. What happened to him?