Sunday, April 10, 2011

Great Find at the Local Craft Store - Palm Trees

I was out running errands with the misses this weekend and she needed to stop by the local craft store.  While wandering around I found the display for the California Missions model kits.  When I was growing up, if you went to a public school in California you spent a good chunk of the 4th grade learning about the Spanish missions.  At the end of the year you had to make a model of one of the missions (mine was La Purisima Concepci√≥n).  Nowadays, most schools don't make kids build a model as most of the work was, rather obviously, done by parents.  However, a few companies got smart and started making styrofoam model kits of the missions and selling little plastic accessories like farm animals and plants.  One of the things they make are these palm trees:

For two dollars you get three palm trees on a single base; I picked up three of them.  You can buy these online through a company called Tower Hobbies. I found mine at a Micheal's.  A great thing about these is that the palms can be gently pulled off from the tree trunk, which should make the whole thing easy to repaint.  After some primer, a few layers of dry brushing and flocking the bases, the three packs I picked up should make for a good terrain piece.  Here's a photo to give you an idea of the scale:

Not bad for around six dollars and they will go great with the rest of my jungle terrain!  Once I get the palm trees painted up, I'll put up some pictures.  I'm also working on a post about the rest of my jungle terrain collection, so stayed tuned.


  1. I like where this is going. Are you going to use the aquarium plants too?

  2. I was planning on using the aquarium plants to bulk out the other jungle trees that I have.