Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tomb Kings Leaked & Gazing into the Future

Pictures of the upcoming Tomb Kings releases have leaked out over the internet like radioactive water from a broken down Japanese nuclear plant (too soon?).  For the best collection of pictures, try this link, which I found through Drinkin' and Modelin'.

Predictably, there’s new Tomb Guard (but no new skeletons).  However, the big news is the new big kits.  I’m seriously impressed with the sphinx kits - although the concept is not too much of a surprise since they were included in Warmaster many years ago. The giant serpent rider kit is, well, it’s interesting, I’ll give it that.  I wonder if the unridden version replaces the Tomb Scorpion.

After seeing the obscenely large Arachnarok Spider and the stomach churning Hell Pit Abomination, I’d been waiting for news of what the Tomb Kings would have in store in terms of big plastic kits.  I think these guys are sign of things to come.  GW has been getting very good at making larger plastic kits and I have the hunch that we’ll be seeing more of them with each new army book.

The fun part about all this is speculating what else may be coming down the pipe.  There are units out there that could easily be retooled into a bigger plastic kit: war hydras, ogres mounted on rhinox, treemen, dragon ogres, hell cannons.  Who knows what else GW might pull from the fluff and surprise us with.  I have my fingers crossed for a Coatl for my Lizardmen - check the background section of the army book, there's a picture of one!


  1. Wow... so many stunning miniatures being added to the TK range. I'm hoping that the Phoenix chest piece is big enough to replace the baby capsule on the Dreadknight. Thank you for sharing.


  2. I wonder what the large Bretonnian creature/warmachine would be? Super Trebuchet? Mega hyppogryph? Moving castle on wheels? Bretonnians should be soon now! Please!

    The new Tomb Kings look cool. I am pumped.

  3. Messanger - cool idea for the Dread Knight!

    Justin - I honestly have no idea what the Bretonnias would get in terms of a big kit. Might just be a big monster for their heros, but that wouldn't be anything mind blowing.