Friday, August 19, 2011

A Quick and Dirty Finecast Review

Prior to our last big game of Warhammer Fantasy, my friend Justin picked up a Citadel Finecast Rock Lobba to add to his goblin army.  He just bought it the night before and he needed to assemble it before we headed down to the Battle Bunker to, um, do battle.  I haven't bought a Finecast model myself so I was interested to check out the assembly process.


Pricing and quality control issues aside (the later of which was a minimal problem for Justin's purchase), I was impressed with how easy it was to clean up and assemble.  He had the model glued together in around 15 minutes.  It also survived the the car ride to the store without breakage, despite the lack of a custom spot for it in Justin's army case.

Lowering the BOOM

Justin let me keep the Orc Bully to use as runt-heard for my 40k Ork army (he's a goblin purist).  Inspecting the model, I do feel like the details are 'crisper' and 'sharper' than GW's metal models.  This is most notable around areas such as hair and fur, as well as along sharp edges.  I don't want to sound like I'm drinking GW's Kool-Aid, but so far I have a favorable opinion of the product.

Goblin Crew


  1. Nice to hear a positive report about Finecast...Gobbos FTW!

  2. Haven't bought any finecast model yet as I was afraid there would be missing parts and stuff. But hopefully the quality have become better and better, thx for the review.

  3. Nice to read a good review about finecast. I haven't actually purchased one yet but I'm thinking my first one will be today. Honestly I've heard a lot of good reviews to only a few bad ones. I'll let you know how mine goes. Thanks for the write up.

  4. They are more like plastic kits. They come on frames/sprues. They are easy to glue together. One must take precautions when clipping them off the sprue as you can break off the frail and small parts; feet, hands, hair, etc. They are less likely to break in transit, and the super glue binds very well.