Sunday, August 28, 2011

2011 Golden Skulls Painting Challenge

This weekend the L.A. Battle Bunker held a "Hobby-Pocalypse" - a non-stop 33 hour event filled with painting competitions, mega-battles and mini-tournaments.  The festivities included their 2nd annual Gold Skulls Painting Challenge, the store's own version of the Golden Deamon.

Last year my Slann won 1st place for Fantasy Large Model and my Saurus hero won 3rd place for single fantasy figure.  This year I entered my Stegadon in the Vehicle/Monster category.  This year's competition was much tougher.  I took 3rd place after thinking I wouldn't even make the first cut.  Apparently, their was some heated debate about this particular category amongst the staff judging the event!

The staff put on a great event and it was fun to talk shop with all the great miniature painters.  You can check more coverage of the weekend at the store's facebook page.  I managed to get a few clear shots of some of the awesome models:

1st place 40k single
2nd place Fantasy single
1st place Fantasy unit - the little dragons were converted using Cold Ones & Gargoyle wings
1st place 40k unit
2nd place 40k unit
Large model winners: High Elf Prince -Honorable Mention
Land Raider - 2nd place, Dreadnought - 1st & Overall winner

1st place diorama - Lelith Hesperax slicing and dicing Guardsmen


  1. I like the new color for the blog.

  2. Grats man! Nice to see some Lizardmen players taking home the good stuff. I like the new layout as well.

  3. Glad everyone likes the new look!

    @Iggykoppa - I think I was the only Lizardmen entry. However, the guy who did the High Elves on baby dragons also had a large dragon converted from a Carnosaur! His army is on display at the store, I might stop by to try to get a few more photos.